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Baited brown bear hunt
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My name is Kris Helms! I'm the
VidCamDude for Ted Nugent and his
show on the Outdoor Channel Spirit Of
The Wild! I've been to and hunted a lot
of places traveling with Ted, but hands
down this was the best hunting
adventure of my life and I will never
forget it! I had the opportunity to smoke
this monster brown bear at 22 yards.
Anyone looking for a trip of a lifetime.
Call Cliff at Triple C Outfitters! He is the
man who knows how to get it done!
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Welcome to Alaska’s Big Game Guide and Outfitter
We at Triple C Outfitters Alaska, take great pride in fully preparing our guest
prior to their arrival and embarking the field for their trophy Alaskan big game
hunt. From start to finish, and during your hunt, we will help you in all stages of
planning such as what equipment to bring, air flights, hotels, shipping and what
happens during your hunt while in the field. We specialize in premier Alaskan
brown bear, black bear and moose hunts, continually canvassing and
researching our prime bear and moose habitat so that there is no guess work.

We are the only Alaskan guide that offers all three North American bears in one
hunt.  The North American Bear Slam, is a twenty day hunt encompassing three
different destinations to pursue the Alaskan brown bear, grizzly bear, and black
bear. Also now offering Baited Brown bear hunts with a phenomenal 90%
success rate on our Alaskan Baited Brown Bear hunts. Which includes Black
bear and king salmon fishing at no additional charge.  

We at Triple C strive for perfection for our guest during their Alaskan hunt and
equip  our camps with the highest quality Alaskan gear for their comfort in the
field. Our guides, including myself, combine all the years of experience hunting
Alaska’s back country to prepare the best hunt you can get.  The guides and
myself, live and breathe this expertise continually honing our craft with research
and time in the field living side by side these majestic Alaskan animals. We can
tailor your big game hunt for brown bear, grizzly bear, black bear or moose to
any experience level or budget.  

Be assured that we know exactly what is involved for a hunter to undertake
such an adventure and we will be there, every step of the way- start to finish.
If you'd like to know more, visit our website which has detailed outlines about
our hunts and protocol necessary to achieve your Alaskan big game hunting
goals. Please feel free to call us any time with any questions our concerns you
may have.  We would be happy to discuss them with you.
Thank You,
The Triple C Family
Alaska Brown bear hunt, Alaska Black Bear hunt, Alaska Grizzly Hunt, Alaska, Moose hunt
Alaska Brown Bear and Moose hunting